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    Screwed Up My Mac!!! HELP
    Okay, so I told my parents that I could install snow leopard on my mac running 10.4.11. Well they told to look up on how to do that and I heard if you have less space in hard drive the installation for snow leopard would be quicker. Well stupid me deleted ALL of the applications in the applications folder....yes system preferences, installer, and some other ones too. So now i cant install .pkg files or even open up system preferences. Anyone know how to get back my system preferences because I heard if you atleast get that back and create a new account, all the deafult apps will return? So can anyone help me get system preferences back, I have no installation discs but I do have the snow leopard $29 disc but I'm kinda scared on installing it as my external hard-drive is filled up with files. Can anyone tell me a solution, either direct me to a system preferences 10.4.11 app or how to install snow leopard using the $29 disc on my mac? Please Help Me!

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    If you actually deleted the things your post seems to suggest you did creating a new account won't get them back. Did you actually empty the trash? If not the files are probably still in the trash can and could be returned to their original locations.

    If you had a clone/backup of your drive you could reload from that. Without a clone/backup you could install Snow Leopard and get many of the basic applications back. That will not restore any third party applications you had installed though. You would need to install those separately.

    Snow Leopard will make the installation without touching the files on your external drive. Just be careful to select the internal drive as the installation location. Better yet disconnect the external drive so you cannot accidentally overwrite the wrong drive.

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    Okay, so can you give me a step by step on how to to install snow leopard on my macbook running 10.4.11? Also after the installation, will the macbook be able to connect to the internet? Sorry for all these non-sense questions, this is my first mac and I dont have any install discs and dont want it to break

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    Just insert the Snow Leopard disc and follow the instructions.
    Also after the installation, will the macbook be able to connect to the internet?
    It should do.

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