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    "V" Key Broken - Possible to Remap?
    The "V" key on my aluminum bluetooth keyboard does not work. I only use this keyboard with my Mac Mini (running 10.6) as an HTPC with Plex, so it is not worth me buying a new keyboard. I want to remap another key, or a combination of keys, to type a "V" since the V key does not work.

    I have searched the forums, and only found how to remap the command/control keys, but I have not found how to basically re-assign another key to type a V.


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    well I would say copy the letter v then just cmd+v every time but....

    Really though copy and paste is the only thing I know to do. You can remap the copy command of course though.

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    It had to be the V! I currently do the copy/paste method, but with my mouse. How do I remap the copy command to use another letter?

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    Instead of remapping, in your case it's better to simply create a new keyboard layout.
    Download Ukulele: Ukelele
    Select "Create new layout from current input source"
    Copy-paste the V to where you want it (eg alt-C or some key that you're not using)
    Give it a name in Keyboard>"Set Keyboard name" so that you can tell it apart in the input menu
    Save as keyboard layout, put it in ~/Library/Keyboard layouts
    Now select it as input source in the International system preference pane.

    It's done and you won't need to have a program constantly running like if you were using a remapper!

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