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    What's Wrong With TextEdit?
    Upgraded from 10.4.11 to 10.6.3; in 10.4.11, creating/saving a doc in TextEdit to Desktop, I could then drag it into a USB stick in order to transfer it off the MacBook; now with the upgrade, attempting to do such results in a VERBOTEN! symbol and the doc will not transfer to the USB; is this another of the "upgrade benefits" brought to the world by Jobs & Co? or is there some new, additional secret I'm supposed to discover about how to do it in 10.4.11 (wouldn't do, apparently, to just leave something alone in an upgrade that has worked quite well previously...)?

    Thanks for any direction.

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    First thing, I do that all the time and just tried it again. 10.6.7 here. Not sure what is up but it could be your USB Drive.

    And also you should be upgrading to 10.6.7. You are many updates behind. Is this on Apple Hardware by the way?

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    Can you copy anything at all to the drive? If so you should have no problem coping a text file. If not I am guessing you are formated in NTFS which mac can not natively write to. Either format that drive or or get a program that can write to NTFS

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    Before you format that USB drive. plug it into your Mac and do a Get Info command. I would check to see if it is formatted NTFS as thrustmw suggested but I suspect that the permissions are messed up on the drive.

    Look at the Haring and Permissions section of the Get Info window. You should see a line matching the name of your User account. That line should say Read/Write for your account. If it does not you will need to click the padlock and enter an admin password in order to make any changes.
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    Back again: am now upgraded to 10.6.7; thought I had figured out a work-around, but this morning it's being snitty again and not working ... case: I copy text from a webpage; paste it into TextEdit; name & save to Desktop or Documents; when attempting to move/copy that saved file over to my USB, the message tells me it's not allowed as it has somehow miraculously become a "Read Only" file -- and apparently Read Only files have a Very High Standard about what they allow compupeasants to do with them ... What's the schtick here? Never had this issue in 10.4.11; regularly did this routine back and forth onto the USB ... Any direction out there. Many thanks again!

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