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    connecting OS x 10.6 to a windows xp network
    Hi everyone,

    We are working with a windows network using an XP machine as a server. We had one mac on this network before, and we recently replaced it with a new 10.6 machine. The last mac was older, probably OS X 10 or 10.1. Everything appears to be set up and functioning correctly, but after it connects to the network it simply drops and it won't reconnect automatically. It'll stay connected for a moment and drop, and thats the most it'll do.

    Does anyone know of anything that sounds like this, and have a solution?


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    What do you mean by connect? Are you trying to access a share or join a domain? If you're trying to access a share, what type of share? What's your network set up like?
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    Sorry I should've been more specific. We can connect to the domain but we can't access the server's share. And then we lose network connectivity on top of it. We can reconnect to the network and althought everything appears to be configured properly(permissions and everything) we can't connect to the file server, and then we're dropped from the network again.

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