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    Achive and Install with VMware?
    Has anyone performed an Archive and Install with VMware and Windows 7 on Snow Leopard?
    I suspect that VMware and possibly Windows would have to be re-installed as a consequence, but I'm not sure.

    A couple of software programs on the Mac side don't work correctly, even with the latest drivers and after a re-install.
    So an Archive and Install should correct the problem, but that may cause more problems than I anticipated if an Archive and Install adversely affects VMware and Windows 7.

    Thanks for any feedback from experience.

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    Reinstalling is a rather drastic step to take because several apps are not working right. Why not trouble shoot the apps instead of redoing everything?

    And also.....

    There is no Archive and Install feature built into Snow Leopard as there is with Leopard. You can do one but you'll have to use the terminal in order to do it. LINK

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