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    After upgrade not got fast
    Good day

    I'm already made upgrade for my mac book pro 13 2.4 2010 from 4G to 8G for memory and from 250 G HD to 160G SSD , but the problem is still took long time about 58 sec same as before the up grade and when I start it I got white screen first for 30 sec the I got the apple logo and the the mac start.

    I need your advice and your help about this problem.

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    How did you upgrade the hard drive - a clone, a fresh install, migration wizard? Have you tried swapping out the new RAM for the originals? Verify the new disk from your installation discs. Try a hardware test as well (press and hold D key at startup with your install disc in the drive), that might give you some clues.

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    Another thing that I recommend following a hard disk upgrade is to do a PRAM reset. This is done by pressing and holding Command + Option + P + R when you turn it on, and then continue holding until you hear the system chime twice.
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    The SSD needed to be formatted Mac OS Extended (Journalled) a fresh install of your operating system from the discs and then update from your original drive via MNigration Assistant. Cloning does not work on an SSD simply slows it down as you may be witnessing.

    What brand SSD is the next question?
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