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    Question Operating System Metrics (Analytics). Does anyone know if something like this exists?
    Hello Mac Forum Members.

    I was rearranging my dock and thought to myself, it would be really nice to have an app that produced analytics for the way I use my mac much the way someone would use analytics for their website and I looked and looked and found nothing of the sort.

    What I would like to see is how frequently I use programs, for how long I use them, and other user habits and tendencies. I speculate that by having this data available to me in an easy to read and comprehendible way I could streamline my user experience and the way I store data. Let's say I haven't used a certain app in months, then I could either get rid of it or store the disc image on an external and reinstall it as needed. I'm not sure how else I could streamline my user experience at this moment, but I'm sure that if I had that data to look at I could then figure out other ways.

    Would any of you mac savvy folks know of an app that exists like that and if so where I could get it?

    Thanks for in advance for your replies!



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    Spending all your time analyzing data surely would circumvent your user experience, therefore your user experience would be analyzing data not experiencing.

    Maybe you should read a book, or take a walk. Unplug for just a bit and take someone you care about out for a cup of coffee.

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