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    Question Why can't my MacBook Air open certain webpages and or email files?
    Hello. I do not know too much about how computers work. I own a MacBook Air and I love it (though I don't know how to use all the features either) but I often have a problem opening email files and visiting websites with it. If I use my work PC and load a page, there is no problem. Once I try to load the same webpage using my MAC, it never finishes; always stalls out. Also I have received .wav files attached to emails and my MAC will not read these.

    Can someone help me please.
    Thank you.

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    How old is your Macbook? It shouldn't have any problem opening any web pages. If things have stalled, you may need to do a little maintenance. You can Disk Utility in your Utilities folder (within Applications) to verify and repair permissions to see if that solves the problem. Which web browser are you using?

    Macs should also be able to handle .wav files. Do you have Perian installed? That will help you play any file.

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