Hello All,

I'm trying to connect my Max OS X (10.3) computer to a SAMBA share on my Windows XP Professional Server. IT works about half the time, the other half of the time it fails authentication for apparently no reason.

Sometimes if I reboot the server (or restart the server service) it comes back to working, other times it does not.

I've tried using a share thats completely open (EVERYONE = FULL Access) and I've also tried shares with specific usernames and passwords, but they ALL fail authentication - even if I use the "guest" account.

I get prompted to authenticate to the share, so I put the SERVERNAME as the domain, the username and password that is the username and password on the local "server" and it STILL fails about half the time, even though I know it works the other half of the time just fine...

Any Ideas? This is really frustrating. Also, I'm connecting to the share in this convention smb://IP Address/Share Name (not using Server "hostname"). I was seemingly able to get around the authentication failing portion by using the freeware app Supinfo Share Manager, but now that fails too...

I'm lost and frustrated!