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Thread: How to Rebuild Icon Thumbnail previews in Finder

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    How to Rebuild Icon Thumbnail previews in Finder
    For some reason when I'm looking at a folder full of pictures and I click on "Icon" view in a Finder window, all of the icons just show the "jpeg" icon (with the photographer's loupe).

    How can I rebuild these icons so I can see them in Finder?

    I don't want to have to dump them all into iPhoto in order to see preview pix.



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    Give 'em a try in this order.

    1. reboot the machine

    2. Open the folder in Finder - click on the Actions button- select Show View Options - put a check next to Show icon preview. If it's checked, uncheck it, close the window, open it back up and check it again.

    3. Head for your home folder - Library / Preferences - move the file to the desktop - log out and back in. If this fixes it, you can delete the file. This is going to reset all your Finder preferences to default.
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    Smile bobtomay's Solution Worked
    I had a similar problem in OS 10.4. Solution #2 worked perfectly. Thank you, bobtomay!!

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