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    Is there a Mac App to get rid of hidden apps files or cookies on my Mac?
    I KNOW there is hidden nonsense in my computer that is slowing it down. But I dont know where to find them or what lingo they would be under.

    I found out how to do disk permissions and I clean out history and cache all the time but I can "hear" something running if that makes any sense.

    There must be some sort of program that can find it and destroy the culprits.


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    You can use something like OnyX to clean up and perform maintenance on your machine.

    My question though is how do you know that something is slowing down your machine? If you know what it is, we can help you fix it if you tell us.
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    If you're basing your claim on a sound, it's possible you simply have a bad hard drive. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

    Open /Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor

    Make sure the dropdown menu at the top has "All Processes" selected.
    Now rank the list by % CPU, and then by Real Mem. In ether of these views, do you see something at the top taking up an unusually large amount of either? In addition, near the bottom of the screen, check CPU and System Memory. Is your system using a lot of CPU? Does it have no free memory? Checking Disk Usage, how is your hard drive doing for free space? I guarantee there isn't any "hidden nonsense" on your computer doing this (this isn't Windows), but it's possible that either you've simply filled up your hard drive, you're using a program you've left open for a while that is using lots of system memory, or you overestimated how powerful your machine is and are pushing it to do more than it can reasonably do.

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    Nothing can be installed on your Mac without you giving it express permission to do so. You would have had to enter your administrator password. So think back to anything you've downloaded that may be causing an issue and search for it in Spotlight. See if deleting it helps.

    What kind of "sound" are you talking about? That would be a hardware, not a software or OS issue.

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    When its trying to open its crackling a lot. But once it opens the sound comes and goes that is like when you light a fuse to a bomb like in those cowboy movies. Took me a bit to figure the sound out. It will happen while im on the web. The hard drive is fine. And I have a LOT of space.

    My computer will not open firefox properly. It will just sit there in Mozilla state. I restart the computer and still nothing. Then all of a sudden it opens but I cross my fingers how long that will last.

    The only thing Ive done recently is put a Canon MX410 on my Mac.

    There is an asteroids dash that is taking up a heck of a lot more CPU than the others. Its 25 or 16 or 20 where the others are .10. Id like that gone. I dont know how to get rid of it.

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