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    Question Mark
    I did not know how this happened. I opened a new folder, and i noticed a question mark at the top. I put my curser over it and it said this item can`t be found,and it`s still ongoing. I knew what happened eventually. I was dragging pictures out of a window and i knew there were 12 pictures, but when i was going through them one was missing. I looked all over the desktop,and i just saw a little corner piece, right next to the apple logo. It was difficult trying to get it out because the apple menu kept dropping down, eventually i got it out. I wondered how this happened, and i kept a close eye when i was getting pictures out. Then i found out what happened. I dragged a picture out and it zoomed up to where i described earlier, and i got finder`s preferences out, and went through them. Everything alright but the problem is it`s ongoing.

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    With that window open, click on the Finder View menu and select "Customize Toolbar...".
    You will then be able to click and drag it off.

    It was there becasue at some time you had dropped a file on the toolbar and then deleted it.

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