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Thread: Small problem with external devices.

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    Small problem with external devices.
    Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

    I have a Macbook Pro with Mac OSX 10.6.7 installed. I'm a computer animation student, and I switch computers a lot so I have my devices running through a KV-switch to use my external monitor and keyboard, etc.

    The the new kv-switch works great, and so do my new gaming mouse and keyboard, until I switch over to the Mac..

    I just got a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate keyboard, and Razer Deathadder mouse. And it seems like there's no mac Driver for the keyboard just yet.

    The mouse does have a driver but it did not fix the problem at all.

    The problem with the keyboard is that the Mac isn't recognizing the Control, Windows, or Alt buttons. These work just fine on my other external keyboard as the Control, Option(alt) and Command keys. For the most part it just acts like they aren't there.

    As for the mouse, the middle mouse button, by pressing down the mouse wheel, isn't quite working either. In Autodesk Maya you hold down Alt + MMB to pan the camera using the track tool. But it just ignores the MMB on the Deathadder. I think it might be because the drivers install key bindings for the mouse, but I saw no options on it that might suggest a "Middle Mouse Button" option.. even though it had near fifteen built in options I could set it to, or could turn it into a macro button. It seemed like the mouse would let it be everything except what I needed, hah.

    The easiest way I see to fix it is to just bootcamp windows on the Macbook until new drivers from Razer come out, if ever.

    The problem with that is that my Photoshop is MAC OS only. So if I want to use that I'll still have to switch keyboards, or maybe go back to a previous version.

    So I'd rather stick with what I am on already if I can help it.


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