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    Scroll down in Preview with spacebar?
    Usually when I'm scrolling down a page, I just use the spacebar as a "page down" key and it's convenient.

    However, in Preview viewing sets of jpegs I can't use the spacebar to scroll down. Does anybody know how to make that work?

    The main problem here is that I'm opening groups of images and I want to be able to
    1) scroll down the image with one key and
    2) switch to the next page with another key
    3) without clicking on the image pane and then the sidebar pane and then back or
    4) using my trackpad to scroll down

    If I could just
    1) "scroll" with the spacebar, spacebar would be scrolling while arrows would be "next page," or perhaps mouseclick could be "next page," or
    2) up/down arrows could "scroll" while left/right arrows "go to next page"

    Basically, I don't want to use my trackpad at all in this process (I'm not quick at scrolling) and don't want to have to click each pane back and forth, just use the keyboard

    Another solution could be like Adobe Reader where when I'm reading my pdfs, I just keep scrolling down the multiple pages with spacebar and it smoothly goes down through all the pages. I wouldn't be sure how to connect all the images in a folder together like that as "pages" without converting the files...

    Thanks for any help/suggestions!


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    The way it works now is to hold down the spacebar to activate the "Hand" cursor, then use an arrow key to scroll up/down/left/right while keeping the spacebar held down. I can't think of a way to change this, short of finding an app that better suits your needs.

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