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    iChat has disappeared
    I've only had my macbook air for 3 weeks so this is probably a real dumb newbee question, but...iChat has disappeared. Not merely from the dock, but seemingly from the hard drive itself. I'm sure this is the result of something I did. Is there some way to reinstall iChat? I don't have the OS disks. Why doesn't Apple provide the software disks with the computer?

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    Because with the new Macbook Airs they supply a flash key instead which is a software reinstall drive.

    Back up with time machine onto an external HD, reinstall your OS and then use time machine or migration assistant to restore all your user data.

    Before you do that, check that it's not in your trash.
    Also, go to spotlight (the magnifying glass in the top right corner of your screen) and type in iChat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6string View Post
    Because with the new Macbook Airs they supply a flash key instead which is a software reinstall drive.
    That is so sweet! I wish I had one of those flash drives. That would be extremely useful.

    - Kyle

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