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    Itunes keeps copying my files from my external hard drive?
    Hi there, I think I'm in the correct place to ask this question, however tell me if I'm not!

    Anyway the reason I'm here is because I have quite a small internal hard drive in my Mac Mini (50gb) so I purchased an external hard drive to store all of my media items on. However, after moving all of my music from my internal hard drive to the external hard drive, I tried to import all the music directly into iTunes and it then copied my entire music collection back onto the internal hard drive!

    I know that iTunes has always seemed to do this and I can understand it's safer because it backs up data but I keep getting warnings about how little space I have left on my internal hard drive so I'd just like to know if there is a way to stop iTunes from copying all the music from my external hard drive and just have it stored directly in there so I can then play it in iTunes.

    I know this can easily be done in Windows and seems like a simple enough thing for iTunes to enable. I hope you have understood what I have explained and I hope somebody can help!

    Thanks a lot, Sas.

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    You need to relocate the actual iTunes library folder, and then it will work. Follow this guide and you will be fine.

    iTunes for Mac: Moving your iTunes Media folder
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