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    prevent creation of log files
    I've got an application that creates log files on 'Macintosh HD'. The file size of these log files can build up pretty quickly to several gigabytes. I could periodically delete these log files. Or use an tool which deletes all log files on a drive completely.

    But is there perhaps a way to prevent the creation of log files in the background. Some tool I could have running in the background which prevents log files from being created by any application? Or a script that I could have on my desktop as an icon so I could double click it and it deletes the application log files automatically?

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    Mac OS X cannot operate without log files.

    I've never heard of an app that could generate log files of "several gigabytes" in any sort of short period of time, since log files are text and that would be an extremely large amount of text. What app are we talking about here?

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    It an Indesign plugin I installed from another company. Works in combination with Incopy. It creates three log files every time I startup Indesign with this plugin activated. Log files which can be deleted.

    I've tried it with applescript , but I'm new to this so I'm not sure I'm doing it correctly. I've got a file to test it on my desktop called "test.rtf"

    I ran this applescript to delete it:

    tell application "Finder"
    delete "/Users/myname/Desktop/test.rtf"
    end tell

    But I then get a Finder error saying in Dutch (so I'm not sure what it says in English) something like "Finder received an error: 'test.rtf" cannot be requested". Like the file isn't found?

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