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    Uninstall NTFS 1.2.2 from OS X 10.4
    Hello, New to the forum and not so familar with Apple either; I wonder if please somebody can help:
    I have a MacBook 2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with OS X 10.4
    Years ago a NTFS 1.2.2 was installed which i have never used, would like to get rid of it. It seems to me it is under /System/Library/Extensions/ntfs.kext load address 0x8a3000
    Is there any programming instruction to use sudo ?
    I tried to erase from Disc utility but no luck.
    Very much appreciated,

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    How was the kernel extension installed? You'll need to remove it the same way. Kernel extensions get loaded each time upon system boot or reboot. You certainly can't do it through Disk Utility unless you decide to wipe your drive and reinstall.

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