Good morning,

Amateur hour here...

My father's Powerbook G4 hard drive lunched itself. Would turn on the computer and the Apple icon and grey screen would come on and then the sundial spun...and spun and eventually just shut down without booting anything.

I searched around, found the article about Target Drive and discerned it was a hard drive issue. Found the Yahoo video about replacing it and did that.

Now have tried to partition and load the 10.3 version onto it by holding down the "c" key immediately after powering up. The CD is reading by the sound of it but the only thing that happens is the screen goes light blue and the center icon is a folder with alternating "?" and I think the Appletalk icon (two faces abutting each other).

Interestingly, when I completed the HDD swap, I had left in the 10.5 version CD in the drive and the computer loaded up the OSx load dialogue box and asked me if I wanted to load it. When I said yes it read it and tried but gave me the message that there was no earlier version (10.4 etc) so the "upgrade" wouldn't work.

Any thoughts?
Thank you!