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    Deleted images from "All Files" Folder (Please help)
    I'm completely brand new to Apple PLEASE help me out!
    On my new Macbook Pro I deleted all the images in the folder "All Images", which was located in Finder. I saw a lot of random images and had no clue they were important.

    What should I do now? Does my Macbook Pro need those images in order to function properly?

    Any help would be REALLY appreciated! Thanks!

    **Sorry, I mean I deleted the images from the "All Images" folder

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    The "All Images" folder isn't actually a folder - it's a smart folder. As per this site:
    In short, Smart Folders save you time. You basically give them a list of rules to follow and they automatically fill themselves with content based on the criteria you’ve defined. It’s important though, to realize that these Smart Folders do not actually represent copies of the content, but merely virtually link to them. If you delete a file out of a Smart Folder, you’ve also deleted it from its original location.
    The issue here is that we can't determine whether or not what you've deleted is valuable. What did you delete?
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    The computer is completely brand new, so there were none of my own personal images. But there were pictures of people holding up signs, clipart kind of things...random pictures. I deleted everything in the "All Images" folder. I guess my question is if those images would be important in the function of applications or any other normal computer functioning?

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