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    How to open word documents on a mac?
    I've sent myself a word document from school (from a pc). Includes diagrams, tables etc. Now, at home I only have a mac. The document downloads fine. If I "quick look" at it, I can see it all. Diagrams, tables etc. However, I have no way of moving this to a word document so I can actually edit it. If I try and open using microsoft word, it just comes out as computer junk. What do I do? Is there any way to copy and paste from quick look?


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    What version of Word did you use on your PC? What version of Word do you have at home? If either is newer than the other, you might have to save it in the older version to ensure that it works properly..

    You can use things like NeoOffice Home to open the Word document on your Mac.


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    or you should be able to do Open with... Text Edit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robduckyworth View Post
    or you should be able to do Open with... Text Edit.
    And read diagrams, tables etc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by John T View Post
    And read diagrams, tables etc?
    I usually have no issues seeing most things correctly with TextEdit.

    Of course it will depend on the complexity, but to be really honest, if you're dealing with complex documents, you should just get Office for Mac.
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    try pages '09 it might work

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