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    Safari browser version for MAC 10.5.7 to play *.m3u8 files..
    What is the highest version of Safari that MAC 10.5.7 can support ? Do we have Safari browsers that can play *.m3u8 files on MAC 10.5.7 ? I tried playing the same on Safari 3.2 form MAC 10.5.7 and neither the browser nor the Quicktime player version 7.6 could play the the same.

    Could you suggest a work around for playing these *.m3u8 playlist files on MAC 10.5.7 ?

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    Try iTunes. No web browser reads these files.

    Those are playlist files. They are text files which typically contain the path (or url) to the location where the individual songs are located.

    Apps that can read these files include: Winamp, VLC, iTunes...

    If you have just moved some m3u8 files from somewhere else onto your Mac, they likely are going to do nothing, unless the path that is stored within the files is the same and available.

    (edit: I'm not even sure if OS X uses these same playlist files in iTunes or not.)
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