PC: intel core i7 970 6 gigs ram, 1TB drive, EVGA GTX 470 (Super Clocked) Windows 7, SP1,

Mac: Macbook Pro New, 15 inch 17, hi-res display, SSD, 4 gigs ram

Hey guys, I work in the Apple Store, and i actually just got my first mac, i know pretty much everything there is to know but i can't seem to figure out this problem i'm having. I have a self built windows machine fully loaded on my network that i'm using called "Prime" I want to view my files on my mac so i can copy my music, pictures, and movies, easily without having to using an external hardrive. I named my new Macbook Pro "Optimus" and it's on the same network.

Basically, i configured my folders to be shared on my windows side, so i can see them on my mac and access the files in the shared folders. BTW, i'm connecting to the windows machine as if it were a server. Its under the shared category as "Prime" and i've connected to it no problem. I can see my folders "Users" and "Zack". Under Zack has everything...My pictures, my movies, my documents, my music etc. But when i open up the folder it's empty. I made sure it was shared on my PC which it is since i can see the folder on my Mac, but i can't see any sub folders. I also went back onto the PC and unchecked the "read-only" box and still no avail.

However, in my "Users" folder, i can get into the subfolders and find the "Public Folder" and in that find..."Public Music, Public Movies, Public Documents" so forth. But i don't have any files in there because all my files are in the regular folders, "Music", "Movies", "Documents" I really don't wanna copy all that data over to a folder just so i can see it on my mac, I much rather just be able to see the folder that already has all my data in it.