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    Screen resolution setting options vanished after P-Ram zap!
    I'm on a G5/10.4.11 and had to zap the P-Ram to resolve a USB issue. Afterwards, my screen went to 640x480 resolution, so everything on my screen is too big. However, when I went to the Display preferences to change it back to 1080x780, there were no other options in the menu anymore! I've tried restarting and also "SwitchResX", but no luck. When attempting to start Mac in safemode to see if I could change the settings, it won't do it and the fan starts getting really loud. Otherwise, the Mac itself is working fine with no problems. I hope someone can help me - my other option is to reinstall the system, but I have lots of software/authorizations which will take me a long time to reinstall if I do that. Thanks!

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums swirlyd

    My first suggestion would be to re-"zap" the PRAM/ NVRAM.
    You could also try repairing Disk and Permissions, to do this you need to boot into your OSX DVD, then go to Utilities > Disk Utility. Next select your HDD in the left pane, click the First Aid Tab, then click Repair Disk. Once complete click Repair Permissions. (These could take a little while so be patient with it). Once done you can restart.

    Hope one of these helps.

    Could you also post a Screen-Shot of your Display Preferences if neither help?

    - Simon

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