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    Epson All in Ones
    Has anyone had success with the Epson AIO printers under Tiger? Specifically the CX6400. Are you able to get all the features working ie...printer, scanner, card reader with Apple's built-in drivers.

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    Epson is mentioned here, don't know if it applies to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jram
    Epson is mentioned here, don't know if it applies to you.

    I saw that article. I am hoping to hear from someone who is using this printer. I am going to be buying my wife and IBook in Sept. and we have this printer on her Windows Laptop (Dell). I don't want to have to buy a new one on top of the computer. It would make me rethink my decision.

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    Those drivers are for 10.3. There is no mention of 10.4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis
    Those drivers are for 10.3. There is no mention of 10.4.
    Well, I took the plunge. I ordered a 14" IBook, via the Apple store, for my wife. I have no knowledge of the Apple OS so I have a learning curve. My last Apple was an Apple IIe. It was actually my first real computer. My first concern still is the CX6400 installation. Epson does not have any 10.4 drivers yet. I believe that there is a printer driver built into the OS that is supposed to work for this printer. However, my guess is it only supports the printing element and not the card reader, scanner and Epson status panel. Can anyone confirm this? I do not know whether to allow this to be installed or use Epson's 10.3 drivers. The simplest approach would be to try the built-in driver first. However, if this does not work, and I want to try the Epson drivers, do I have to uninstall the printer prior to running the Epson software? If so, how do you remove a printer driver? I know how to do it in Windows. Is there anyone with experience on this printer?

    I opted to replace the Superdrive with the Combo and used the money saved to increase RAM from 512 to 768Megs. My wife will never need a DVD Burner, and I have one on my PC. I want to have this all configured for her before giving it. It is a surprise. She has a Dell laptop which has served her well. I am tired of keeping an eye on it for spyware and virus's so I want to switch her. I will probably get it just before Labor Day. I have been searching this, and other Apple forums, for as much info as possible. But, until the computer is in front of you a lot of the info does not mean much. I gave my son a Mini as a Wedding Shower gift. He and his, now wife, are not very computer literate but they love the machine. My wife has the printer, Ipod Mini and an Olympus C60 camera that I need to configure. I may be back for more help later. I just do not want to screw up the computer with a messed up installation. Later on when I can afford it I will get Applecare and MS Office for her. Again thanks for any help.

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