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Thread: Discussions Related to OS X 10.7 Lion

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    Discussions Related to OS X 10.7 Lion
    Please note the following will apply to discussions of OS X 10.7 Lion:

    • Only discussions of either publicly released information from Apple or rumors will be allowed.
    • We will not allow discussions related to pre-release copies of Lion as it is covered by NDA for legitimate developer use.

    If you have a legitimate copy of Lion, you should be using the provided resources that Apple has given you for support and troubleshooting and you should not be sharing information here that is covered by the NDA.

    If you do so, you could risk being suspended or banned from Mac-Forums.
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    Thank You!

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    Release and Cost?
    Is there any information on the release date and cost for Lion 10.7? Thank you.
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    No to both questions, just a lot of speculation for now.
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    No, wait until Monday and the WWDC keynote. Odds are we'll have a date then (if not, at least a better sense of when it will be available).
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    Quote Originally Posted by billwill View Post
    Is there any information on the release date and cost for Lion 10.7? Thank you.
    It'll be out sometime in July & cost $29.99 - which probably means it'll cost 29.99 (1.6355 times as much) here in Britain

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