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    Question Printing in B&W... how hard can it be?
    Don't shoot me down.... I did search for old threads first.

    They all mention the presets options in the print preview box, but my options in this box are: Standard, Last Used, or Save as.....

    that's it! I am currently really shocked at how hard it has been to find out how to not use unnecessary colour ink. I only want a simple street map and it seems such a waste.

    Macbook pro and a wireless connection to an Epson SX510W

    thanks in advance.


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    Welcome to Mac-Forums! I think that you will find that most Mac-users are very friendly and wouldn't think of "shooting you down" for asking a simple question.

    I don't have an Epson printer in front of me to check, but generally the printing features offered are the responsibility of the manufacturer of the printer that you have. They put together the print driver for your printer, though that driver may be bundled with the Mac OS by Apple .

    Normally the option to print in black and white, if it is offered, is in:

    File menu --> Print --> Copies & Pages dropdown menu --> ColorSync --> Quartz Filter dropdown menu --> Black & White

    If your installed printer driver doesn't have this feature, you may want to look on the Epson Web site for a newer printer driver for your printer and version of the Mac OS.
    Epson Stylus SX510W : Drivers & Software

    If one doesn't exist, you may want to check out a free third party driver such as:
    Gutenprint Printer Drivers
    I just checked, and Gutenprint *is* compatible with your printer.


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    Thanks for the tip... I will try and update the drivers now.

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    Dont Update Drivers Yet
    As you are only seeing "standard, last used" etc. it sounds like you are just looking at the "simple" print menu. Don't update the drivers yet as the drivers from Apple are normally OK. Try clicking on the little down arrow (triangle) on the right of the box showing the selected printer. This opens a more comprehensive menu with all the options available to your printer.
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    Thanks Andy, it was in fact the driver!! By some random coincidence, the auto software update offered me an update on the printer's software... so I accepted and the list enlarged. I was previously looking at the full detailed option list, as although I'm not very experienced with printers... I have owned a mac for 11 years, so knew roughly where to look. Anyway, it now offers more options, one if which is to choose "Grayscale". Which I've been told is B&W! thanks for the help!!


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    There was an Epson update as late as yesterday and the print in black only is an option you can select after hitting the print button.
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