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    Exclamation HELP serious Panther problems
    I used the upgrade option to install Panther. So far so good. It is beautiful and fast. I loved it. Unfortunately, Virtual PC ran once, would not print and then would not run again. Finally, hoping to get my PC files I did an Archive and Install of Jaguar. When I tried to login to Jag IT DID NOT ACCEPT MY PASSWORD. I tried what I am POSITIVE is my password many times with many reboots. No dice. I loaded the Jag cd and reset password. This time when I got to the login screen it took my password, but did not load the GUI. It dropped me into Darwin. Darwin accepted my password and login and let me in. With ls -l I can see my files, but I have no idea how to start OS X or why it is doing this.

    Please HELP!!!

    How do you start OS X from Darwin?

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    The command is startx. Try that. Although I am not sure if that will work for Darwin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Emrys
    The command is startx. Try that. Although I am not sure if that will work for Darwin.
    Tried and no luck.

    startx: Command not found.

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    try logout that should boot up os x from the darwin kernel

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