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    Ok this is kinda annoying. Awhile back I had fun massing with my Gui, Snow Leopard, and now I want to change it back. Here is the catch, I dont remember what I downloaded to change it. I am happy with the look of everything except the top bar thing. I made it black, and who ever did it, did a poor job because the date is still black text so I cannot read it.

    A Dark Theme for Snow Leopard Freethellamas's Blog

    I think its something like this

    I have posted a screen shot of the top to see if it looks familiar. The other thing it did was change buttons to square instead of round.

    anyways I am wondering if anyone knows how to change this back. thanks!
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    go to the geekspiff website. download themepark 4.1. in the global menu for themepark, there is a "revert to aqua" option. use this.

    this will restore everything.
    you can use themepark to change the color of the menubar.

    the date font color is hard coded to OSX, it cant be changed. you can use istat menus to get it white.
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