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    Unhappy password and monitor problems
    Hi guys. Thanks for checking this out

    I have what I would consider a major pain the the watsit.

    I have a imac running osx tiger. My monitor is broken (long story) and I have forgotten my admin password.

    I have tried this method of setting up a new admin account through terminal (had to do this blind as couldn't find a way to mirror darwin)

    Ontop of this I can't find my install CD. I know their somewhere but where I know not

    I have asked so many people and searched so many sites trying to find a way of restting my admin password with an external monitor (as mine is broken)

    Does anyone have any solutions or ideas as to how I could resolve this.

    I have attempted to overide passwords, setting up a new admin account. Coding in terminal on the desktop and copying system preferences to the desktop to try and find my master password. None of this has worked so far. And all my windows and linux friends arw rubbing it in all the ways they could resolve this.

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    Cheers man. Checked it out. This seems to be my biggest prob. I could enter single user mode but
    With the added prob of a broken monitor, mirroring doesn't kick in till the desktop has loaded.
    I'm not overly confident with coding. So doing it blind is even more worrying. Don't want to render the mac unusable.

    Any ideas how I can mirror single user mode to another monitor so I can see the prompts and coding when I enter it?

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