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    Problems with microphone performance

    I have a MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard 10.6.6 installed on it (upgrade from Tiger). So far it has been a great laptop and I am loving it.

    Recently I started using an e-learning platform and I am having problems with the microphone performance in the virtual room. The other side hears the sound very choppy and unclear.

    The strangest thing is that I don't have a single problem with it in Skype or recording audio with audio software. Even stranger is the fact that if I get a call in Skype and leave the call on, the sound in the e-learning platform is fine. Somehow Skype boosts the audio channels. I cannot do the Skype trick all the time and I have to fix the mic somehow because I am teaching in the virtual classroom and it is very important to have good audio performance.

    Other than that, the laptop is in great shape. I don't have any viruses. I ran MacKeeper and Onyx.

    I tried to use the upgrade CD of Snow Leopard and custom install audio drivers but there is no such option.

    If somebody can give me tips, I would really appreciate it.

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    it is probably to do with your connection speed to the internet, or the reciever's connection speed. if you can record normally in a daw there is nothing wrong with your mic.
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