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    Deleting from Time Machine
    I have an outboard H/D which works with TM to do back-ups.

    How can I delete a file / files or alter the content of a file / files which go back for months and are saved on this outboard H/D?



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    External HD.

    You cannot alter Time machine backups, but there is now reason to as you can restore from a backup, alter the files on your internal HD, and then make a new time machine backup with the altered information.
    Deleting them data off time machine is problematic, and therefore not advised.
    Time machine deletes old backups to make way for new when the disk gets near full.
    If you want to, the best way to clean up the external HD is to reformat (erase it) using disk utility, and start fresh.

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    Thanks for the explanation ... all understood.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeo1938 View Post
    I have an outboard H/D
    Love the analogy might use this in the future ......... But

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    External HD.
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