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    MacBook Pro Suddenly Slow *Urgent*
    Hey guys. Well for a while now, my 2010 MBP has been ridiculously slow, but today I guess the slow down was taken up a notch to the point where my main account is unusable. My guest account works fine, but my main (admin) user is slow as molasses.

    I tried running all the Onyx utilities and virus/spyware scanners...nothing worked. I checked ram and hard drive usage, there is quite a bit of available ram and hard drive space. The guest account works totally fine and my computer used to be blazing fast.

    I have midterms and a lot of files I need to study from are on my computer, so I need to get this resolved ASAP.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Whilst in your admin account, open up activity monitor from the applications folder, ensure you have selected "all processes "in the top right hand corner and see which process is eating all your CPU cycles.
    ( I am assuming all your apps. Are running slow.)

    Cheers ...
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    Hi. I did what you said and nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. I've been using a new account now as I pretty much gaveup on the old one, and it is working really well. I would still like to fix my old account though because all of my user settings and documents remain on that account.

    Is there anyway to transfer my user settings and documents to my new account?


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    have you tried repairing permissions on your startup disk?
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    Yea I used all of the things in Onyx.

    I also checked my HD space remaining, I have over 100GB. I also deleted a bunch of random files that I downloaded and don't need. Also ran virus & spyware scans.


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    So by creating a different user account, you've determined that the issue is linked to your old account. In the past, I've used root credentials to rename a flaky /Users/yourusername/Library "Library.old" and then create a new "Library" folder. Log back in, and let your system start writing necessary files back to the new Library folder. If the lag persists, reverse your changes. If it doesn't, you can copy over individual settings manually from old to new as needed.

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