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    iCal Dock icon

    My iCal icon in the Dock (Tiger) shows the correct date, but wrong month...once i start up the program, the icon changes back to the correct month (August, before opened it shows July)...Why is this? Can I change it so that the correct month shows in the dock? (All system settings are set for August 17th, not July, btw)



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    July 17th is the date that OS X was announced to public, which is why whenever you start up the computer it will always show that date until you open the program. Only way to have it show the correct date is to open the program
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    Really? Hmm, kinda interesting, but why not...

    On a sidenote, I just got the computer this morning, the 17th....

    Thanks :p

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    That kinda freaked me out too. I assumed it was just a default for iCal but never knew it had any significance. Kinda cool.

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