Hello Everyone!
I have a question about the amount of disk space my fresh installation of OSX 10.4.11 used. The installation guidelines state 2-4 gb will be used. Mine used 15.98 & I can't figure out why. Here are the details:

I have a MacBook Pro that had Kernel panics. i ran all kinds of hardware tests (most of which I learned here. Thank You All!). The hardware tested OK, so I messed with testing software, safe boots and so forth. I ended up with an "Archive & Install". The panics continued, so I used Disk Utility to erase my drive (120 gb) completely (after a back-up, of course- Well, I'm kind of goofy, I backed the computer up in two locations in case one failed.)

I partitioned my 120gb drive into the main volume and a 20 gb volume (see PS below for why I did this). I re-installed OSX 10.4 (and ran update to end up with 10.4.11) on my freshly Nuked & Paved hard drive's main volume. I am using GUID & Extended Journaled. When I installed OSX, I skipped all but one extra language support. I skipped all of the trial applications and the fonts. I skipped all the printer drivers, too. So, I pretty much minimized the installation, but have way more disk space used than the 2-4 gb stated. The hard drive now shows that 15.98 gigabytes are in use. There is absolutely noting else on the disk yet, except for a cache entry in Safari of me coming to this site.

Some looking around shows the HD/Library folder is the largest at 6.87 gb It has some big folders within: The cache is 17.1mb The receipts folder is 108 mb, Documentation is 154.3mb. The Apps Folder is 1.56gb System is 1.92gb Users is 12.9mb. Do any of these look bloated?

No particular folder looks huge. But, I'm wondering why my install is so gigantic? Do any of you have any ideas? Is there some left-over stuff from the installation I can dump? (Or any current stuff, like the pkg files in receipts?)

Thanks all for your help on this puzzlement!

PS: The reason I'm asking is that I have one partition that I'd like to have as bootable with the OS on it. I want to put some programs or files on it and use it as my "Learning" disk. Look out X-Code Tools! Here I Come!

The idea is to keep that copy of the OS, and whatever program I'm using, totally separate from my "real" volume's OS & programs. I will be glad they are separate just about the time I say "Oops!" The volume is only 20gb. If OSX uses 15.98, I have no room for the program or file I'm using to experiment- Experiment? I meant to say "learn".
Thanks Again,