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Doug Lassiter 01-28-2011 07:48 PM

Drop Box not visible over network - why?
10.6.6 with two networked iMacs. Have been using them very successfully for almost a year, but I'm slowly getting a few tidbits cleaned up.

There are Public folders on each Mac, one for each of four users, with a Drop Box in each of those. From Mac A, as Doug, when I select Mac B from the network, I can see Mike, Chuck and Sarah's Public folders. When I click on each of those folders, I see the Drop Boxes for Mike and Chuck (and can drop things in them), but I can't see Sarah's Drop Box. Huh?

Oh yes, Sarah on Mac B can see my Public folder and Drop Box on Mac A.

The permissions on the Public folders and Drop Boxes for each user on Mac B are identical. Public folders have R/W for User and R for Everyone. Drop Boxes have R/W for User and Write Only for Everyone. The Public folders are all shared. The Drop Boxes are all not shared.

What's going on? Why can't I see see Sarah's Drop Box on Mac B, so I can put things in it? This is driving me nuts! I have access to all of these accounts, so if it takes getting into those accounts to make a fix, that is easily done.

Doug Lassiter 02-01-2011 12:45 PM

OK, the answer is as follows.

Somehow, the string "Sarah's Public Folder" wasn't associated with her real public folder. So, that's why a Drop Box didn't appear when you clicked on it as a shared volume.

As it turned out, Sarah managed to have another sharepoint, mysteriously called "Public-1", which, when one clicked on it, contained her Drop Box. Huh? So what one has to do is to rename that sharepoint, which somehow was the one that pointed to her real Public Folder as "Sarah's Public Folder".

As root, you go to


and open up "Public-1.plist" for editing.

Wherever you see "Public-1" as a string, replace it with "Sarah's Public Folder".

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