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    Afraid to UPGRADE!
    I would upgrade to PANTHER tomorrow if I wasn't afraid of a few things....

    1. My G4 has upgraded dual processors.......I'M AFRAID PANTHER MIGHT NOT RECOGNIZE THEM.

    2. My system has an aftermarket Pioneer DVR-105 drive that Jaguar and iDVD think is a Superdrive......BUT WILL PANTHER?

    3. I have lots of applications that I fear might give me trouble in PANTHER.

    I keep waiting for sites to post true problems with upgrading......if any.....but haven't really seen what I'm looking out for. It may be senseless fear on my part, but I have to wait and see. Besides Jaquar isn't that bad of an operating system.

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    thats exactly the reason my uncle wont upgrade his g4 yet, cuz hes worried about the upgraded processors. I unfortunately dont know anything as to whetherpanther would work or not

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    1. panther wont work with upgraded processors so that solves that problem
    2. iDVD is not part of panther so unless you did an archive and install you wouldnt have iDVD to have that problem.
    3. so far there have been no programs that work in jaguar that dont work in panther.

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