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    Question Finder replacing files instead of renaming
    I switched out my old PC for a 27" iMac, and so far it is a wonderful machine.

    However there is one stupid problem that has been driving me nuts, and after searching for hours I am posting here.

    I am constantly moving files, and saving files and occasionally these files have the same name. In windows if there was a conflict, then it asks if you want to replace the file or keep both files (one is renamed file01.ext)

    Now in OS X, it just says do you want to replace the file with the newer one?

    Is there a hack I can do so that finder can simply rename these duplicate files and add a # at the end? This would save me hours each week, as this is accumulating time becoming a pain in the ***.

    Also, I noticed microsoft really sucks at making programs for os x. excel never remembers the previous window position and I have to drag it out every time, which sucks.

    Is there anything out there that can force dumb applications to remember their size and position?

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    Sorry, OSX literally does what you're telling it to do. Old time users are accustomed to how it moves and copies files. You'll have to get used to it.

    How is it that Excel does not remember the previous window position? When I re-open an Excel file, the window is the same as the last time I saved it.

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    1. If I might go a little zen on ya, what you REALLY need to do is examine your workflow. Why are you "constantly moving files and saving files" with the same name?

    2. Excel was a Mac program before it was a Windows program. As toMACsh says, Excel should be remembering the same window position for the same file. I'm not sure why it's not in your case, but might have something to do with all those "versions" you're saving.

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