I have done something stupid and tried installing Linux ubuntu on my mac when i already had BootCamp on my mac.BootCamp was running Vista. So then when i went to go to the windows side by clicking the OPTION key on start up, it then had this hole list of things like Windows Vista 32 bit and Windows Vista 64 bit and Linux ubuntu and more stuff. So at that time it was it could boot to Linux, Windows and i could still boot to the Mac side by just starting the Mac up. But I didn't like the Linux on my mac (because it took up to much space) so i tried getting rid of it by going to Disk Utility on the mac side and that's where it got really stuffed up. I don't know what i did but now i have all these hard drives(partitions) and my desktop and they got names like DISK051 and DISK054 etc. And When I click the OPTION key now it just shows the mac partition. PLEASE HELP....I am a student and need this computer for school
thanks for reading