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    Question iphoto is invisible
    all of my iLife apps act as if iphoto doesn't exist: iMovie and iTunes both return error messages that i must open iphoto to see any photos there, even though it is open. i suspect that some system file is corrupted or missing, but i have no idea which one or where it is. (the usual disk repair routine has no effect)

    i have iphoto 8 and imovie 8 and no desire (or need) to upgrade (i use lightroom for my real photo work, and even if i did, the problem may still exist).

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    Try quitting iPhoto, and go to user library>preferences, and drag the .plsts to the desktop and relaunch iPhoto and see if that fixes it.

    Personally, for me the fix would be to delete iLife using AppCleaner, and then reinstalling it from my install discs.

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    the first manuever didn't work. i hate to do the second one, but...
    regi metcalf photographs

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