I backed up a full hard drive from a macbook pro running 10.6 with time machine to a partitioned 3 TB HD networked to the latest Airport Extreme.

I did a clean install of Snow Leopard from a SnowLeopard install disc, not the 10.6 disc that came with the unibody macbook pro. ( The person im helping out lost the original.) I ran the software updater until everything was current.

I went back to retreive stuff from the time machine backup, and I cannot access the user folder.

However, I CAN access the user folder from MY macbook pro running 10.5.

What can I do to enable access on the unibody macbook pro running 10.6?
Why can I access the folder on my older macbook pro running 10.5?

The HD is partitioned into two even partitions. I have the same problem when trying to access through the network, or directly plugged into the laptop.

Im sure I left out some information, as I just spent a good 45 minutes writing up a detailed post about this problem, but when I hit "submit new thread" it said i wasn't logged in anymore, so I apologize if I left any vital information out.

Thanks in advance.