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    Jun 02, 2005
    Widget will not save settings, help?
    Please help. I am using Tiger's default stock price monitor widget. I cannot get it to save the stocks I want it to monitor. Every time I log out and then log back in, the widget goes back to showing the original stock indexes.

    I've search various sites and this one as well, and cannot find where or why this is happening.

    Interestingly, this does not happen under the administrator's account. With this I can only assume there's a permission error somewhere... Where is this setting stored???? (Oh and please don't ask me to use an administrator's access privileges...that does not help me)

    neye: :dummy:

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    Jun 02, 2005
    Okay...fixed it. Thank to the potential helpers here.

    Here's what I did...delete the '' in the ~/user/library/preference folder. Prior to this I took the widget off the dash to avoid complications. I then logged back in and reinstated the stock tracker widget and all work fined after a re-log in.

    (I'm still not sure why that setting would not change....any guesses?)


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