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    Dock, Expose, Minimization, Command+Tab Not Working!
    I tried restarting the dock in a program called magnifique which customizes the mac with themes. This prompted an error and now the dock won't show up, Expose corners don't work nor will it allow you to configure them, windows won't minimize (seems the full/partial button doesn't work either but the close window button does) and command+tab doesn't shuffle through the applications. And spotlight doesn't seem to work.

    I've looked around and found people having the same issue because of a corrupted picture file. They deleted it and everything went back to normal. I haven't downloaded any pictures in a while so this is directly caused by me restarting the dock in this program

    Others had similar problems and found unplugging peripherals devices like wireless mouse or keyboard. No luck for me.

    Finally I've been told to boot in safe mode. I have and nothing has changed.

    Some claim because I did this it's "beyond repair" but nothing to really back this claim up. Help me with this challenge.

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    Restarting the Dock wouldn't have caused this problem. More likely than not, Magnifique modified a critical system file that it shouldn't have, or in an incorrect manner. You didn't mention what version of OS X you are using… perhaps it is an unsupported version?

    In any event, you likely are facing a complete reinstall. The files that Magnifique modifies are in the System folder, and that is an area that simply should never be mucked with…. that is the heart of OS X. You should double check your options in Magnifique to see if it has any undo or restore defaults options… in case it did make backups.

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    If you are running Snow Leopard you are out of luck. Try removing the theme and see if the things you listed are working. Good luck!

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