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    HELP! Uninstall Snow Leopard with a new hard drive
    ok heres the issue, my HD crashed a few days ago so, i bought a new one and replaced it myself but theres an issue with snow leopard running now.. i can boot from the Snow Leopard disc and the Leopard disc to run Disk Utility, but it wont let me re install them!

    i boot from Snow Leopard and my comp tells me it wont install because it needs 10.4(Tiger), ok, tried that. Tiger CANNOT be installed on this system as of now. i re formatted my new HD to MacJournaled, and still, NADA!

    now im wondering if its possible to completely wipe out the remains of Snow Leopard from my logic board or where ever it continues to linger.. i want it out to re install Leopard fresh and brand new..

    If anyone has any ideas i would greatly appreciate the help, ive been working on this for 5 days now!

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    I'm sorry, but none of this makes any sense. If you are trying to install from a DVD, then it won't care if Tiger or anything is installed already. You also shouldn't be running Disk Utility from those install DVDs. Booting from the install DVDs should launch directly into the installer. You have to choose to exit the installer to get to Disk Utility, if I recall correctly.

    Can you tell us what Mac you have? Intel vs PPC? Where did you get the install discs from? Is the new drive formatted in Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) (not any of the other options… this exactly named one)?

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