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    PLEASE HELP! Application Quit Unexpectedly keeps coming up!!!

    This has been a nightmare, please help me.

    I have a macbook, OS X 10.5.8, it's always worked just fine.

    Well my mom gave me this Epson printer, and when I went to install the driver the printer didn't work. SO I called the idiots at Epson, and they told me to download an updated driver from there website. I did so, and now not only does the printer not work, but I have a "The application IJEPWAgent quit unexpectedly permanently on my screen. If I click ignore, it comes back, if I click relaunch, it comes back. If I click report, it comes back. What the heck is going on?? I uninstalled the crap epson told me to install.. I reinstalled it.. deleted it again. I rebooted the computer several times. This message will NOT go away.

    Epson refuses to help me. I can't afford to pay 75 bucks to ask Mac about it... If I have to completely reinstall OS X I've backed up my files.. I'm fine with it. But even when I try to do that I get a new Application Quit Unexpectedly message about trying to reinstall OS X!!!! So what the heck should I do? Has anyone ever encountered this problem?

    Please help me!

    Thank you


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    Helps if you tell us what model Epson it is and where he drivers came from.
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    It sounds like some Epson software is loading on startup. You'll need to look in two different places to find it and remove it.

    1. System Preferences, Accounts. Highlight your user name on the left, and then open "Login Items" on the right. If the software is there, highlight it and press the small minus button at the bottom.

    2. Open your Finder. Navigate to: MacIntosh HD/Library/Startupitems. Look for any Epson folders or software. If you find any, delete them.

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