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    Text to speech - Changing the language
    Wasn't sure where to put this thread but I guess as the speak highlighted text command on the Mac is inbuilt to the OS this might be the best place.

    I use it quite a lot actually if there's a word that I've never seen before or can't read too well (I'm dyslexic so it helps a fair bit more that you'd think!)

    Recently I've tried my hand a learning to speak French, having good old Mac speech veteran 'Alex' speak French words on French websites to me would be great.

    BUT! How do I change the speech language, he seems to just sound out the French words syllables in English which makes it come out wrong!

    Any ideas? I'm hoping this is a one button fix!!!!


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    Just a guess on my part here, but it's likely that you would have to change the language preference on your Mac from English to French before Alex would start speaking French.

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