No, this is not an allusion to another possible sequel to the Harry Potter franchise

I have recently purchased OS Leopard which I prudently installed onto a Western Digital External Firewire drive to check its integrity before installing on my G4. It performed flawlessly.

I have now installed it onto the second of two 40Gb partitions on the G4 PowerBook (17' 1.33 1Gb RAM), leaving OS 10.3.9 on the first partition. The installation went without a hitch, but when I try to boot from the Leopard partition, I get a hanging blue screen on startup.

I've done some research and have eliminated the "ApplicationEnhancer.bundle" scenario as it was never installed (or at least it couldn't be located where it was said to be, i.e. System/Library/SystemConfiguration).

I've run Disk Utility over the Leopard installation, first from 10.3 and got the error 'no valid packages'. So I ran it again from the Leopard install disk with more success - but it hasn't eliminated the 'blue screen hang'

I've also re-installed Leopard twice - no joy!

Is there something in your collective knowledge-base that can help me and others with this dilemma? Meanwhile I'll just carry on using Leopard from the external drive when I need to - not ideal, but it's certainly better than nothing

Many thanks for your help