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    Unhappy Bootcamp/mac crash. Cannot restore mac help!
    So I was trying to setup bootcamp on my mac here. While setting it up, it came to the part where it asks for a disk. I mounted a windows xp disk on my mac and figured it could to its thing. After it "read the disk" it restarted and now my mac is all wacked. I didnt know it was going to really need the physical disk to read (stupid mistake I see now)!

    Everytime I start it up now it shows "can't read/find images aka no go sign & folder with question mark." ive tried putting in my mac os x CD and even found original windows xp CD, hoping to get it to revive or finish its course...

    I really dont want to go out and buy another hard drive since i just got this one not too long ago. Is there anyway to fix this??

    Help is greatly appreciated

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    Try rebooting, but hold down the OPTION key while doing so. This should give you a list of bootable volumes. If it does, select the one for your OS X partition. Once in, re-run Boot Camp and remove that Windows partition.

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    It worked!!
    Thanks so much lifesabeach. I thought for a second I was in deep shhhhhhh.

    Never going to set it up like that again tell you what.

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