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    Mac Questions -
    Would appreciate ya'lls advice from the Non-N00bs.

    OK, a Windows Convert and happy with my iMac & Macbook Pro... Just wondering

    So when I delete a file from a network drive, the warning appears... But it seems like I cannot tab between buttons... Like in the screen shot, the default is Cancel, but I would like to just tab over to Delete and hit enter. Is that Possible?

    Also, How can I get a network drive connected on boot, Every time I click the name of the network drive or (NAS) it takes a while to connect... Quicker way? Better way?

    Appreciate the help for a n00b.

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    A general rule with dialogue boxes,...

    There are no rules. (Kidding)

    That said, the usual dialogue box with save, don't save and cancel. Save is blue and defaults are easily accepted with enter. Don't save is cmd+d and cancel is cmd+,

    It has been like this forever. There are many keyboard centric commands not unlike Windows left over from the days before the mouse as well as the days with one button mice.

    Developers need to add the functions to these buttons and can really do what ever they want. The particular command you are inquiring about is cmd+d which is the usual delete command from the Finder. There is no tabbing between responses. A lot of the time the command is simply cmd+the first letter of the word in the bubble (but not always as in the "cancel=cmd+," scenario).

    As for auto mounting network shares on login there are several ways to do it. I like to run Automator actions that connect me to network shares. Open Automator in the Applications folder. The Files and Folders library items will assist you in creating an Automator application that can connect to mounts at login when saved and added as a login item. I also find accessing an already connected mount is faster when accessing it in "computer view" (cmd+shift+c from the Finder) versus selecting it in the lefthand side of the Finder window under Shared.

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