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georgemackellar 01-06-2011 01:46 PM

iLife '11
I was looking on the Mac App Store and saw iLife '11, consisting of GarageBand, iPhoto and iMovie, however no iDVD or iWeb.

What I want to know is if there are any new features in the iDVD and iWeb. Also, if I do buy the updates, how easy is it to transfer photos and iMovie projects. Will all the photo information like faces and the place it was took be saved with the photo or will I have to go through the whole tagging process again?

MacsWork 01-06-2011 04:50 PM

All that info resides in your home directory not the application. Faces and locations will be saved as well as iMovie projects.

georgemackellar 01-06-2011 05:28 PM

what about idvd and iweb. are they the same programs as in ilife '09 or have they been improved on?

Kash 01-06-2011 08:02 PM

They're the same and were not updated for iLife 11

georgemackellar 01-11-2011 03:39 PM

so the only apps to be updated on ilife 11 are the three mentioned above?

therefore it would be much easier and cheaper to download iphoto imovie and garageband separately on the mac app store, if you are updating from ilife 09???

Kash 01-11-2011 03:56 PM

That is indeed correct

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